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June 21, 2021

What is Foodvine? 

Who are we? And what do we want to accomplish as your new favorite food ordering app?

Foodvine is a new social food ordering app that brings foodies around the world authentic culinary experiences. Browse and discover new dishes, products, recipes, stories and more. Foodvine is not just another food ordering app, it's a global food community.

Our app goes beyond the food you’d find in other food delivery apps. Whether you want to try something new or actually try to do something new yourself, our app satisfies your cravings.


Feeling adventurous? Learn how to make a new recipe right in the comfort of your home. Surprise your partner with a new dish that you learned how to make right from our app. We connect you to real people sharing real authentic dishes from their childhood, culture and beyond.

There’s also no need to leave your kitchen to learn a new skill. Live classes, new recipes and quick tips are just some of the things you'll find on Foodvine. We connect you to top chefs who impart their wisdom with you from all around the world.

Feeling lazy and just want to order in? We do that too. With home chefs, farmers, food trucks and other niche food sellers on the platform, you will never run out of new tastes to experience. It’s food delivery near you from exotic places. 

On Foodvine, people from all cultures can sign up and sell authentic dishes. Our mission is to bring the world a little bit closer through something we all have in common: A love for great food. Discover unique recipes, foods and experiences from the community and start exploring new cultures through the joy of food.