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Foodvine is a social food ordering app that brings foodies around the world authentic culinary experiences. Sign up to promote your food truck to your local community.

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The Benefits

Every cuisine has a place on Foodvine.
List your food truck and start selling.

Reach hungry customers in your area.

Foodvine makes it easy for you to promote your food truck within the app to a community of foodies.

Create your profile for free
Reach out to new customers
Share content to promote your store

Manage everything with the Foodvine app

We make it easy for you to accept and handle orders. You get to choose freely which options you provide for customers, whether it be delivery or pick-up.

Foodvine handles payments
Manage everything in the app
Choose when your restaurant is open

How It Works

Get started in minutes

Setting up your restaurant is quick and youโ€™ll be customizing your restaurant and adding items in just minutes. When your account is approved and you are ready, you can go live in one tap.

Simple sign up
Start customizing and adding products
Go live when you are ready
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Add your menu items

We make it simple to add menu items and categories. Easily enable and disable products based on availability.

Full control of availability
Easy to use
Create custom categories
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Promote within the app

Foodvine has a strong social component which makes it easy to promote your store to customers. When you create a menu item, we will promote it automatically to followers and foodies we think might be interested in your offering.

Automatic promotion on news feed
Create posts at any time
We recommend your products to customers
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Keep it simple. We handle payment and order management.

You will see new orders appear in your store automatically as they are placed. View all the details, update status and communicate with your customers easily. Best of all, we handle all payments on your behalf.

We handle payments
Easy order management
Chat with customers
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Foodvine benefits

Sell and promote in one place

Easily add your products and promote them instantly on our news feed to a community of active Foodies.


Share your story

The newsfeed is a perfect place for you to share behind the scenes activity and give foodies more insight into your business and story.


Connect with your customers

We make it easy for you to engage with customers whether it's via comments or direct messaging.


Always free

We only make money when you do. Setting up and running your shop is free


You have full control

You control how you sell, whether itโ€™s via shipping, delivery or pick-up. Set opening hours and choose when your shop is visible in the app


Host live classes or events

If you want to reach out to the community event further, you can organize live educational or promotional events


Tell your story

Our mission is going beyond just a food ordering app. We are creating a whole community centered around food, and we believe your story belongs on our platform too.

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