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About Foodvine

🍳Foodvine is creating the world’s first fully integrated social-media food marketplace, incorporating all corners of the online food community. A disruptive platform that unifies social media, recipe sharing, and direct access to local chefs and growers. 

🥘Attend live cooking classes, publish your favorite recipes, buy from your local growers, subscribe to your favorite chefs or hire them to cook at your event, build your brand and create a following, scroll through an endless collection of recipes from around the globe … or from down the street.  

🥗 Join us in building a marketplace For foodies, By foodies. Together, we can create a world based on local food, local people and a healthier, connected community. 

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Cooking Classes
Cooking Classes
Food Truck
Food Truck
Chef Menus
Chef Menus
Grower Produce
Grower Produce

Every experience has a place on Foodvine.
Easily Manage and Promote your Personal Brand.

Chefs on Foodvine 

Host your own Cooking Classes
Paywall your own Content for Subscribers
Chef-for-Hire Portal (events/parties/in-home)
Post & Access Temp-Chef Positions
Offer Personal Nutritionist Subscriptions
Network with other Chefs
Cook food at Home – Sell it on Foodvine
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The Benefits

Growers on Foodvine 

Build locally sourced menus with Local Chefs
Easily List your Daily available Produce
Notify followers of your Mobile Markets
No costs to list produce
Use Geo-Fencing tools to connect locally
Use 'Mom’s Pantry' Marketplace to sell locally grown specialty products.
[cheeses, dressings, canned foods, baked goods, jelly and jams, etc.]
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The Benefits

Creators on Foodvine

Build your own Brand and Following
Create your Recipes using Foodvine Flow*
Add & Edit Videos/Photos to each Step
FoodVine Flow* Creates a Seamless Post
Quickly and Easily Create HD Content
Sell your Branded Products in our Influencer MarketPlace
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The Benefits

Foodies on Foodvine

Find and share Incredible Recipes
Search Local Recipes from around the Globe
Book a Chef for Events and Parties
Get a Seat in an Online Cooking Class
Get expert plans from qualified nutritionists
Connect and Buy from Local Growers
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The Benefits

Tell your story

We are creating a whole community centered around food and we believe your story belongs on our platform. Join us in strengthening the local community by creating a virtuous cycle through the local growers, chefs, and the food insecure.

Easily Managed!

Foodvine handles secured payments for you
You can manage everything through your vendor profile
Easily update your availability for events/classes/private chef bookings with our calendar
Toggle/Update your location to alert users of your events or markets in their area
Quickly and Easily Toggle/Update your list of avaible produce daily

Get Started in Minutes

Simple sign up
Start customizing your vendor profile
Go live when you are ready
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Full control of availability
Easy to use
Create custom categories
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Automatic promotion to followers on news feed
Create posts at any time
Get notifications when someone books your class
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Secure payments
Easy order management
Engage with customers
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Foodvine Benefits

Sell and promote in one place

Easily add and promote instantly on our news feed. Engage with a community of active Foodies.

Share your story

The newsfeed is a perfect place for you to share behind the scenes activity and give foodies more insight into your business story!

Connect with your audience

We make it easy for you to engage with your audience and facilitate healthy and welcoming events in your local community

Free set-up

We only make money when you do. Setting up your events is free

You have full control

You control when and how you host classes or events. Set the topic, time, and price. All on your own terms.

Build your brand

Build a base of loyal followers who will be updated with your new creations and offers.

Something For All


- Host your own Cooking Classes

- Paywall exclusive content/recipes

- Easy and secure chef-for-hire portal

- Home chef / Private kitchen markets

- Nutritionist / Dietician subscriptions        

- Chef-to-Chef Networking / Temp-job bookings

- Chef Mentoring / Help-lines

Growers / Producers / Food Trucks

- Quickly and easily list your daily available produce

- Easily connect with local chefs for timely, locally grown menu sourcing. Connections and sales associated with produce is free to the grower and chef

- 'Mom's Pantry' marketplace for small-scale specialty food items sales

- Geo-fencing allows you to notify users in your area when you move (food trucks, farmer's markets, pop-up produce)

Influencers / Content Creators / Foodies

- Build your own brand and following

- Create your Foodvine recipes - quick and concise, with an attached step-by-step guide that is easy and intuitive to follow.

- Foodvine allows you to add a quick video for each step and seamlessly generates a full video for your post

- Influencer Marketplace allows for easy transactions when selling Influencer products

Frequently Asked Questions

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